The Alberta First Nations / First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) Regional Health Co- Management Committee was structured to jointly assess, analyze, plan and manage the administration of the Alberta Region Envelope. A formal agreement to co-manage the regional envelope was signed on November 18, 1996 by Alberta Chiefs and the Minister of Health. The Terms of Reference were finalized in 1997. Co-Management of Health services is based on a viable partnership between First Nations community representatives and the First Nations and Inuit Health. The goal of this partnership is to develop strategies leading to community health programs of direct client benefit. These strategies have focused at times on building infrastructure, while at other times the focus has been on the development of health programs.

The main objective of the Co-Management Agreement is for Alberta First Nations and FNIHB to co-manage, co-assess and co-analyze the programs and services offered by FNIHB (Alberta Region).