Curriculum Development



The Treaty 8 Centennial Curriculum began as a vision with a group of Treaty 8 Elders, leaders and educators, who wished to commemorate the signing of Treaty No. 8 on June 21, 1899. The goal was to develop something of significance for the perpetuation for the heritage of their people. It is appropriate that this effort has begun at the Social Studies elementary level, which is oriented towards people, history and culture. These materials are developed in conjunction with Treaty 8 teachers and First Nation Directors of Education. The materials were field tested in three schools within Treaty 8.

The Curriculum is developed with:

  • Elders who provide spiritual advice and guidance
  • Teachers who note the needs of the classroom
  • Treaty 8 Directors of Education and administration
  • Leaders recommendations and input

This program could potentially serve as a prototype for other First Nations, Metis and Inuit groups who wish to adapt Social Studies curricula to reflect the perspectives of their own communities.

This action plan is best described as a framework for new partnerships with First Nations, Inuit, Metis and Non-Status Indians. It is a first step toward more effective working relationships between the Governrment of Canada and Aboriginal people. We want to work with them to develop agendas that respond to their unique needs and circumstances. Work is already advanced on this front.

The Treaty 8 Grade One Social Studies Curriculum was completed and launched on May 22, 2007 and is presently being used at all the Treaty 8 Band Operated Schools. The curriculum comes with a Teachers Guide, 4 booklets, a DVD on the Bowl Game and a CD with 5 Cree songs. The grade one social studies curriculum can be purchased at the Treaty 8 office.