Special Education



Special Education refers to the meeting of the individual learning needs of First Nations students who have mild, moderate, severe disabilities or gifted/talented abilities. First Nations values embrace the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential in an environment conducive to meeting their learning needs. For First Nations with special needs, learning environments must be based on the philosophy of holistic (mind, body, emotion, and spirit) learning and inclusive of language/ culture and parent/community involvement. Promotion of education that respects individual First Nations learning styles as identified on Individual Education Programming (IEP) will include educational policy responsive to the needs of First Nations children, effective teaching strategies, appropriate school-based/cultural resources, and specified services and programming in order to maximize individual learning opportunities. (Treaty 8 Education).

Mission Statement

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Special Education will administer and implement the development, delivery, and evaluation of Special Education services for children with special needs, gifts and abilities, so they may reach their full potential. Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Special Education Policy will develop, deliver, and evaluate Special Education programs and services for children with special needs so they will reach their full potential.


To improve the quality of Special Education programming which promotes, maintains and supports a First Nation Comprehensive Education System.


In conjunction with partnerships the Treaty 8 First Nation Special Education (SPED) Regional Management Organization (RMO) will establish a Special Education framework that will provide support services to ensure First Nation language and cultural programming, individualized academic curricula, and appropriate resources. The framework will be holistic (mind, body, spirit, emotion) in nature and set within a life long learning process.