Honouring our aboriginal veterans



Treaty 8 has many First Nations Veterans that fought and sacrificed so much for us to enjoy the freedom we experience daily.  We would like to acknowledge their service to us and say thank you to each and every one.

The following are the names of some of the Aboriginal veterans from Treaty 8 that we would like to honour.  This list may not include all of the veterans within Treaty 8 and if there are any that we have missed, please email us their name and community to gposein@treaty8.org to have them included and recognized.

Treaty 8 Veterans

Gilbert Auger

George Peterson

Elizabeth Desjarlais | Bigstone

Louie Auger (Deceased) | Calling Lake

David Cardinal (Deceased) | Calling Lake

Jeremy Nipshank (Deceased) | Calling Lake

Peter Willier | Driftpile

Leo Goulet | Gift Lake

William Noskey | Little Buffalo

Benjamin Noskey | Loon River

George Jadot | Red Earth

Joe Auger (Deceased) | Sandy Lake

Mark Ried | Sandy Lake

Bert Taron (Deceased) | Sandy Lake

Frank Daniels | Smith

Dave Capot Sr. | Sturgeon Lake

George Chowace | Sturgeon Lake

Fred Badger (Deceased) | Sucker Creek

Glen Davis | Swan River

Germaine Cardinal (Deceased) | Trout Lake

David Trindle (Deceased) | Trout Lake

Edward Auger | Wabasca

Francis Auger | Wabasca

Frederic Auger | Wabasca

George D. Auger | Wabasca

Patricia Auger (Deceased) | Wabasca

Michael Bigstone (Deceased) | Wabasca

Noel Boskoyous (Deceased) | Wabasca

Peter Brule (Deceased) | Wabasca

Johnny Decoine (Deceased) | Wabasca

Bill Fardy | Wabasca

Paul Gladue Sr. (Deceased) | Wabasca

Stanley Guillion (Deceased) | Wabasca

Adolph Houle (Deceased) | Wabasca

Ernest Merrier (Deceased) | Wabasca

Victor Rubuliak (Deceased) | Wabasca

Ambrose Shaw (Deceased) | Wabasca

Oliver Steele (Deceased) | Wabasca

John Peter Young (Deceased) | Wabasca

Kenneth Lamouche | Whitefish Lake

Elzear "Punchy" Whitehead | Woodland Cree


Romeo Cardinal | Bigstone