First Nations & Inuit Youth Employment Strategies



Within this strategy there are 4 Youth Programs: Youth Work Experience, Career Promotions & Awareness, Science & Technology, and the Student Summer Employment Opportunities.

Youth Work Experience

  • Supports the provision of opportunities for mentored work experience
  • Exposes youth to various career options
  • Promotes the benefits of education as being key to labor market participation

Career Promotion & Awareness

  • Cooperative Education-supports provisions for mentored school-based work and study opportunities
  • Career planning
  • Life and work skill development

Science and Technology

  • Promotes science and technology as an educational/career choice
  • Encourages the enhancement of traditional knowledge (where applicable)

Student & Summer Employment Opportunities

  • Support skills acquisition through provision of wage subsidies for short term work experience
  • Assists secondary and post-secondary students to prepare for future entry into the labor market to access summer employment