Emergency Management

The Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Emergency Management has been established to serve and support all Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta.

The Treaty 8 First Nation of Alberta have recently created a Emergency Management Coordinator to work with 22 of the 24 Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, the Director's of Emergency Management (DEM'S) of each First Nation and provide and support the local needs of Leadership and the Communities in all aspects of Emergency Management and the 4 pillars of Emergency Management.


Activities that reduce possible risks to health, property, environment or the economy from potential hazards.

Preparedness Planning

Activities, programs and systems developed before a major emergency that is used to support and enhance prevention, response, and recovery.


Activities that address immediate and short-term effects of an incident.


Activities and programs designed to restore affected lands and property to pre-emergency condition.


Communication and cooperation with supporting agencies for resources, assistance, and guidance in the context of emergency management.

Emergency Management Agreement

This section relates to the agreement between AEMA and ISC to deliver emergency management services on reserve.

The Treaty Emergency Management program is to build an understanding of the current effectiveness of emergency management programming, position Treaty 8 to advocate for change and long-term corrective action, and identify the supports and Local impacts on the Treaty 8 First Nations and how to improve emergency management programming. The Treaty 8 Emergency Management program can help in responses and subsequent recommended actions in the areas of emergency mitigation, preparedness planning, response, recovery, and communication.

Treaty 8 Disaster Emergency Management Contacts

First Nation DEM Contact Office Number
Sturgeon Lake Albert Goodswimmer 780-524-8359
Sucker Creek Alllan Koski 780-523-4426
Fort McKay Angela McKenzie 780-828-8808
Kapawe'no Sydney Halcrow 780-751-3800
Horselake Dale Horseman 780-356-2700
Fort McMurray FN Cindy Miller 780-334-2293
Smith's Landing Cochise Paulette 867-872-4950
Loon River Cody Letendre 780-649-5559
Duncan's Delvin Mosswa
Bigstone Trevor Bigstone 780-891-2422
Swan River Donna Holmes 780-775-3536
Little Red River Alian Joly 780-926-3912
Woodland Marilyn Rudd 780-629-3803
Athabasca Chipewyan Tim Flett 780-697-3730
Tall Cree Gabe Meneen 780-927-3359
Whitefish Lake Lloyd Chalifoux 780-767-2700
Peerless Trout Jason Wigton
Lubicon Lake Joseph Auger 780-629-2356
Dene Tha Andrea Godin 780-321-3842
Chipewyan Prairie Bobby Janvier 780-559-2259
Driftpile Rose Okimaw 587-749-0490
Mikisew Sonny Piche 780-697-3556
Beaver Riel Chonkolay 780-927-3544
KTC- EM Coordinator Jason Wigtom