T8: First nations

An overview of the Treaty 8: First Nations organization

Organizational structure of Treaty 8

Treaty 8 (Alberta) Chiefs

23 of the 24 First Nations in Treaty No. 8

Treaty 8 First Nations Of Alberta

Executive board (10)

Chief Administrative Officer

Margo Auger

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Chiefs

Chief Allan Adam

Athabasca Chipewyan FN

Chief Neil Cheechman

Ft. McMurray FN

Chief Ivan Sawan

Loon River Cree FN

Chief Isaac Laboucan-Avirom

Woodland Cree FN


Chief Vern Janvier & Proxy Chief Shane Janvier

Chief BIlly-Joe Tuccaro

Mikisew Cree FN

Chief Gilbert Okemow

Peerless Trout FN

Chief Dwayne Laboucan

Driftpile FN

Chief Raymond Powder

Ft. McKay FN

Chief Andy Alook

Bigstone Cree Nation

Chief Albert Thunder

Whitefish Lake FN

Hereditary Chief Syd Halcrow

Kapawe'no FN

Chief Isaac Twinn

Sawridge FN

Chief Gary Kipling

Beaver FN

Chief Billy-Joe Laboucan

Lubicon Lake

Chief Virginia (Martha) Gladue

Duncan's FN

Chief Rod Willier

Sucker Creek FN

Chief Wilfred Hook-anooza

Dene Tha’ FN

Chief Rupert Meneen

Tallcree FN

Chief Ramona Horseman

Horse Lake FN

Chief Lee Twin

Swan River FN

Chief Conroy Sewepagaham

Little Red River Cree FN

Chief Thaidene Paulette

Smith’s Landing FN

Chief Sheldon Sunshine

Sturgeon Lake FN

Treaty 8 Executive Board Members

Grand Chief Arthur Noskey

Treaty 8 First Nations {AB}

Chief Ivan Sawan

Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council

Chief Rupert Meneen

North Peace Tribal Council

Chief Allan Adam

Athabasca Tribal Council

Chief Isaac Twinn

Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council

Chief Ramona Horseman

Western Cree Tribal Council

Chief Andy Alook

Bigstone Cree Nation

Chief Lee Twin

Swan River First Nation

Chief Thaidene Paulette

Smith’s Landing First Nation

Chief Billy Joe Tuccaro

Mikisew Cree Nation

Hereditary Chief Syd Halcrow

Kapawe’no First Nation



Margo Auger

Chief Administrative Officer

Darlene Plamondon

Intergovernmental Relations Director



Gwen Muskwa

Treaty Relations Director

Melissa Gillis

Chief Strategy Officer

Candace Daychief

Strategies Initiatives
Economic Dev. Executive Assistant

Health authority

Shelly Gladue

Health Authority Director

Debra Loyie

Health Executive Assistant

Jackie Yellowknee

NHIB Navigator

Daryl Auger

Technical Health Advisory Services Coordinator

Kimana Gillis

Communications Coordinator/ HCoM Liaison


Grand Chief Ramona Horseman

Lands, territory, enviroment waters and natural resources

Kevin Ahkimnachie

Livelihood Director

Cody Sharphead

Land Use and Environmental Planning Advisor

Economic development

Issac Avirom-Laboucan

Grand Chief of Economic Development

Conroy Sewepagaham

Grand Chief of Trades and Commerce


Billy Joe Laboucan

Grand Chief of Education

Judy Kim-Muneen

Education Director


Doreen Drygeese

Finance Officer

Crystal Bernard

Finance Officer